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Site-specific viability review – planning application stage

Our site specific review service has helped secure millions of pounds of additional affordable housing financial contributions and hundreds of on-site affordable housing units for our clients across the Country.

Working closely with a local authority client in the South East, we carried out a detailed audit of a submission made by a developer and its agent on a strategic-scale development of around 1,200 dwellings. We concluded that the viability information they had supplied greatly understated the levels of affordable housing that could be provided, and successfully negotiated a 50% increase.

On another scheme of 130 houses and apartments, our viability review and subsequent negotiation helped our client secure almost double the on-site affordable housing originally proposed by the applicant.

We also negotiated an increase in affordable housing contributions of nearly £1m on a scheme of 28 units. These are just a few examples of the many positive outcomes achieved through our work.

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