Worthing CIL Charging Schedule Found Sound

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Worthing CIL Charging Schedule Found Sound

Following a viability assessment undertaken by Dixon Searle Partnership (DSP) on behalf of WBC, Worthing Borough Council’s Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule (CIL CS) has been found to be sound and to provide an appropriate basis for the collection of the levy in the area, according to Examiner Jameson Bridgwater’s report. Mr Bridgewater recommended that the CIL CS be approved in its published form, without changes.

DSP has worked with Worthing Borough Council in setting CIL rates for the Borough leading to a Charging Schedule that, based on viability modelling and analysis, will not put the overall development of the area at risk.

Mr Bridgwater stated: “In conclusion the draft Charging Schedule is supported by documentation demonstrating detailed evidence of community infrastructure needs and economic viability testing. On this basis, the evidence which has been used to inform the Charging Schedule is robust, proportionate, and appropriate”.


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